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πŸ“ Homemade Strawberry Jam πŸ“

Fresh, made-from-scratch jam beats store bought any day. I actually don't even buy jam or jelly anymore. Everyone in the home just loves this stuff, and I'm not just saying this because I want likes on my blog. It is by far my favorite jam. This may sound crazy, but it's also the first type of jam or jelly that my son will eat (we have a long history of pickiness and food anxiety with him). But best of all--this stuff only requires 3 ingredients and minimal effort, and trust me when I say that the amount of effort you put in is absolutely worth the results!

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How we Transitioned into Homeschooling

I have flirted with the idea of homeschooling for a while now. It sounded so appealing to me, yet seemed fairly unrealistic. It seemed like a challenge that I would not be equipped to take on. Since we have all been hit with this Covid pandemic, homeschooling is trending more than ever. I have taken this opportunity to jump into the home school life.

Food and Recipes

Rich and Simple Marinara Sauce

I have a deep love for all things pasta. A plate of spaghetti can almost always soothe my soul. Like, pasta love runs deep πŸ˜‚. I feel like every family needs a go-to sauce recipe, and I've been on a quest to find ours. I have spent years trying to find my 'just right' sauce, and many times I've come close--but just not quite what I was looking for. I think I've finally gotten it right! Try it out served over angel hair (or mixed in). Just don't forget to top it with fresh Parmesan and basil!

Food and Recipes

Fresh Lemonade Recipe

The summer is quickly coming to an end, so I thought we could say goodbye to it with a proper lemonade. While we may not have been able to do much traveling or beach lounging this year, nothing was stopping us from sitting on our back porch with a cold glass of lemonade in hand. I love making fresh lemonade for myself *ahem* my family. It really does out perform instant lemonade every time! The kids even love helping out with this recipe. They even sat outside and sold this stuff at their first lemonade stand recently (lucky neighbors). They made $20 that day, and it really had me rethinking my life options.

Food and Recipes

Uncomplicated Mexican Street Corn Recipe

IπŸ‘loveπŸ‘thisπŸ‘stuffπŸ‘. No seriously, I really do. I'm pretty sure it's making my family crazy because I manage to add it as a side in every Mexican dish that I make lately...and we do Mexican night a lot. It tastes sooooo good and tangy, and creamy, and sweet (you can even add some heat to it if you prefer)--and it's just so pretty, too 😍. I love when you see it authentically grilled and served with the husks pulled down. Now, mine is not made or served that way because ain't nobody got time for a grill or house fire (that I feel I would somehow manage by leaving the husks on while cooking). If you do have time to grill--go for it! My version is super simple because you can just pop it right in the oven while you are busy preparing your main dish, and you don't have to be super precise with the amount of time that you are leaving it in there either, so it's less stressful.

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Make Your Own Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are great for different practices or relaxation. Thought to bring about cleansing energies and harmony, they can be used around the home or for meditation and other rituals. I particularly love smudge sticks and incense for the repetition of scent. As someone who has always suffered from anxiety, practicing yoga and meditation is… Continue reading Make Your Own Smudge Sticks