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Putting that Laundry away (and making it less painful)

The dreaded the laundry chore. It is not uncommon to see piles of clean clothes taking up space, and keeping up with them feels like the endless task that we can’t ever get on top of. It is possible, however, to tackle the task—and to stay ahead of the overwhelming accumulation that seems to occur so readily. Here are tips to making laundry an easier job:

  1. Clean up the space

Okay, so this is most likely the most energy consuming part of the job. In order to make the chore seem less dreadful, start with a clean slate. Get whatever clutter you may have in the area, and sort it out. But don’t forget to put it away! Organize your space in a way that makes cleaning your clothes more simple—keep things as in your reach when possible. Don’t stack items behind others (i.e heavy bottles of detergent). It is easier to keep an area clean when you can see everything that you are dealing with. For smaller items, keep them in a basket that you can pull down when needed. This basket may consist of things such as stain remover. Make your laundry area as pleasing to the eye as you are able to. This helps you take pride your space; therefore, you are more inclined to keep it that way

2. Set your schedule

This will depend on your specific household, but find the schedule that works for you and more importantly, stick to it! What I find works inside my own home is washing our clothes daily. Once or twice a week (it has evolved into twice a week to due my preference for white materials), I bleach. I usually have it on my to-do list and try and get the bleaching done early in the morning, so that I can just move on with my day. I’m a bit lazy with separating clothing and towels otherwise. I just throw everything together for the most part, and haven’t had any issues with doing so. Every 1-2 weeks (okay, generally every other week because I’m pretty lazy with this chore as well), I wash my bedding. I also do this early on in the day. Just take the bedding off when you wake up rather than making your bed. As for our regular, everyday laundry–I find that throwing everything in the washer after we’ve all finished our showers that night to be easiest for me, and I just swap clothes out to the dryer as I walk by on my way to bed for the night. Just be as consistent as you can.

3. Have your space ready for action

Keep a basket for dirty clothes, as well as a basket for clean clothes that are ready to be put away. When you take the clothes out of the dryer, make yourself fold and hang them immediately (yes, even when you don’t feel like it…especially when you don’t feel like it)

4. Fold laundry exactly as you would to put it away

Fold it however you will be putting it away (which I hope is filing most of your clothing…at least for the adults in the home 😳) and categorize it. I have a pile for myself, my husband, both children , and towels/linens (which I separate between bathrooms and kitchen).

5. Keep hangers on hand

So I don’t know why, but ever since I put hangers on a rail in my laundry room, the entire chore seems easier. Maybe it makes the pile of clothes seem smaller? Whatever the case, I hung a tension rod in the laundry closet, and I keep hangers on it. When I am folding, I hang all of the normally hung clothes on the rod. This makes it easy to just randomly grab the hanging clothes as I walk by, which leaves less in the basket to deal with later.

6. Get everyone involved

It’s just easier if you have helping hands. For the most part, my husband and I have established some sort of laundry partnership where I wash and fold, and when he gets around to it, he puts everything away. And now that my two kids are old enough (and my laundry loads are small enough), I hand each of them their own pile of clothes to put away in their dressers. If all else fails—guilt trip them 😉. Remind them that you didn’t wear all of the clothes and you don’t feel like putting them all away.

7. When you see it–do it!

This is seriously my number one motto when it comes to being organized. Don’t let the mess (or the clean pile, for that matter) accumulate. I do laundry once a day (and sometimes more on days that I bleach, wash bedding, or have to deal with spills or accidents, etc.) Although it may seem like more work initially, washing and putting clothes away daily keeps your job as minimal as possible.

I bet you didn’t realize that it was possible for someone to write in such great detail about doing laundry 😉. I know that sometimes, organizing ‘tricks’ come across as ridiculous and not doable, but I promise, it is! With just a few extra steps here and there to maintain, you will have a lot more time and energy in the long run. The real trick, or goal, to organizing is to create a system that will make your life easier.

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