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Prepare Jars of Mix Ahead of Time

Okay, so I discovered a little trick that I love doing to save time, especially on busy mornings (not to mention, it also helps your cabinets look pretty and organized) –preparing jarred mixes ahead of time. It is so easy to do, and like all things in the organizing world, you spend a little extra time up front in order to save a lot of time later–and usually when you need that time the most (like when you are in a hurry). Having things prepared ahead of time allows you to choose the time that is convenient for you to spend on getting things together, thus, making the process is easier.

I am still learning what all I can, or want to jar. Generally, when I think of jarring, I think of jelly and other foods that need a particular and tight seal. So why did I choose jars? I don’t really know 😂. I actually had a few mason jars in my cabinet, so I started there. I discovered that they also looked super cute when filled and labeled in my cabinets with these mixes. Also, you can never have too many mason jars, right? You probably have a few laying around, too. If not, or if you need more, you can even save yourself some money by buying off-brands since these mixes don’t require particular sealing techniques. I found these less expensive jars on Amazon, but you are welcome to be more creative or thrifty by using whatever you have on hand or prefer to use. After all, the goal here is to have as much prepared ahead of time to make meal/baking time more efficient for you.

I have experimented with a few mixes at this point. I really had all intentions of making cookie and brownie mixes in the jars and selling them. Many of the recipes, though, require ingredient quantities that are too large to place in the jar, or ingredients that are mixed separately in the baking process. Chocolate chip cookies were a no-go here (I’m determined to find another way that works for cookies in the future). At this point I have two main go-to mixes to place in jars: our chocolate oatmeal (that my son is constantly requesting), and pancakes. I’m looking for hot cocoa weather. I will definitely be jarring cocoa.

Pancakes are my absolute fave when it comes to pre-prepared mix in jars. And with a couple labels, tags, and twine–it turns into an attractive, homemade gift. I’ve been using a simple chalkboard label and chalk marker to stick on the front (I want to experiment with some better labels where the word “Pancake” isn’t rubbed off each time it is touched–if you have ideas, let me know). Then, I use a tag to write a recipe on. On one side, I write additional ingredients, and on the other side, I include the instructions. Finally, I tie the label around the jar using twine. And viola– you have yourself a pretty little jar to grab and cook in a hurry, or to gift to a friend. Or, just line your shelves with them…because cute, ok? We don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why they can’t touch our jars. 🤣

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