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Make Your Own Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are great for different practices or relaxation. Thought to bring about cleansing energies and harmony, they can be used around the home or for meditation and other rituals. I particularly love smudge sticks and incense for the repetition of scent. As someone who has always suffered from anxiety, practicing yoga and meditation is very healing for me. With frequent practice, calming and mindful breathing techniques become second nature. Smells, sounds, and environment can also be extraordinary helpful in a similar way. Because our sense of smell is so deeply rooted to our memories, it can be beneficial to become familiar with certain distinct scents used during these practices. The logic behind this is because through regular practice, these things become associated with peace, harmony, relaxation and mindfulness. Even if there is no real science behind these alternative practices, I find the magic behind most of these ideas exists within your own thoughts. Developing healthy thought patterns, habits, and associations can have profound effects on us spiritually and emotionally; thus having the power to effect many different aspects of our lives for the better. Even though you can buy smudge sticks, I like the idea of creating things with my own hands–it brings on a more meaningful symbolism. And these really couldn’t be much easier to make–especially if you grow your own herbs.

Often you will find smudge sticks made with sage. I made this particular one with my own lavender, rosemary, and thyme because that’s what I had laying around. Feel free to experiment and see what you like. Since they are used after being dried anyway, you don’t even have to pick your best herbs. I just used the trimmings from those that needed plucked out anyway. This is a way to reuse something that would usually just be tossed away. I really just threw them together.

After picking your herbs, just bundle them together. You can let them dry first, or tie them together while still fresh–whichever you prefer will work just fine. After bundling them, tie them. You can use thread if you’d like. For this one, I used twine that I already had laying in the drawer. And there you have it: a smudge stick basically for free. Now light some candles and a stick and go relax. Namaste ❀✌️🌿

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