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Pasta Salad Recipe

Pasta salad is such an easy addition to any gathering--any season. It most reminds me of spring and summer, but no holiday in my family is complete without pasta salad--and we've never had a Thanksgiving without this salad on the table. I'm going to admit, though, that I am a snob when it comes to what I deem to be an acceptable pasta salad. I just have a hard time enjoying it if it's not my mama's dish. Over time, I've developed my own style of making it, but foundation remains the same. But really, how different or complicated can pasta salad really be? I've been asking myself this same question when I taste other salads

Home and Projects

Girly Pom-Pom Garland

Add a touch of whimsical to your little girl's room. Customize the colors and textures to coordinate with bedroom decor. For E's room, we're making a gradual transition to a boho-princess (is that a real thing?) look. Drape this crafted garland over windows, beds, make a tapestry--really your imagination is the only limit. You can even use it to spruce up a classroom. I basically threw this piece together spur of the moment in about 15 minutes. It's incredibly inexpensive (requiring only two supplies...HELLO 🥰) and entirely too simple not to try on your own!