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Girly Pom-Pom Garland

Add a touch of whimsical to your little girl’s room. Customize the colors and textures to coordinate with bedroom decor. For E’s room, we’re making a gradual transition to a boho-princess (is that a real thing?) look. Drape this crafted garland over windows, beds, make a tapestry–really your imagination is the only limit. You can even use it to spruce up a classroom. I basically threw this piece together spur of the moment in about 15 minutes. It’s incredibly inexpensive (requiring only two supplies…HELLO 🥰) and entirely too simple not to try on your own!


-Extra large pom pom balls (I used these 4 inch assorted faux fur balls. They came with pre-made loops attached, as well).

-Macrame cord (I found 3 mm to be a good thickness to hold the pom poms and hang properly. This is the cording that I purchased.)


  1. Cut your macrame string according to the size that you will need. Be sure to leave plenty of extra cord in order to achieve the draping effect. I wanted our garland to drape over a double window. I cut the cord at roughly 5-6 ft. By no means was I specific with this project, so really, don’t sweat it!
  2. Make a small loop at one end of your cord. Have the pom poms set out in the pattern that you would like them to hang. If they didn’t come with pre-attached loops, you will need to make and attach loops yourself.
  3. String the pom poms, one at a time, onto the cording, by their loops. Try to space them as evenly as possible. Again, I was not specific at all, but by all means, feel free to be more meticulous than I was. You can measure and secure the pom poms in place with knots tied on each side of each–this will prevent them from sliding around. I opted not to do this, but I probably should have.
  4. Once you have finished stringing all of your pom poms to the cord, tie a final small loop on the end of your garland (opposite of the one that you tied in the beginning). Hang by the the loops, and drape as you please. 🤗

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