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Crafting Sparkling Christmas Trees

Do you need to have more projects on your to-do list right before Christmas? Probably not, but like me, you may be looking for ways to save some money while still decorating (plus, we can always use another reason to venture into our local craft store). Scrolling through ideas online, I came across many different diy Christmas trees. I thought these would be the perfect project to take on, seeing as my daughter is a few days away from having her Frozen-themed birthday party. I figured that making silver, glittery trees would be an easy way to add some sparkle, while also easily transitioning into my home decor for Christmas and Winter. This also serves as a great Christmas art project for those of you homeschooling this year (we all know kids love glitter and sequins). Fair warning: they do make an absolute mess!


  • poster board or cardstock (I recommend white or black)
  • glitter/sequins of your choice (I went with fine silver glitter, course white glitter, iridescent sequins, and gold sequins)
  • Mod Podge adhesive
  • foam brush
  • Scotch tape

There are so many color combos to choose from, so feel free to experiment. I personally think a mix of silver and gold work beautifully, but ultimately I chose different colors in order to fit both our party theme and the rest of the holiday season. The creator of the Diy Mini Christmas Trees video does a wonderful (and much more cohesive) job with her trees. Enough talking–let’s get started!


  1. Cut your poster board or card stock so that you will be able to roll into a cone. You can cut various sizes and roll to varying degrees in order to achieve the cone size that you desire. I wanted my trees to be different sizes. Tape down the entirety of the seam to keep your tree tightly held together. As long as you cover it all well with your glitter, the tape and seam will not be noticeable. Before heading to the next step, be sure to lay paper of some sort down. Not only will this protect your surface, but it enables you to pour your excess glitter back into the container to reuse later.
  1. With your foam brush, apply Mod Podge adhesive in sections. You’ll want to swiftly apply in sections, yet brush on carefully, blending out your adhesive–you don’t want the adhesive to dry before you can get all of the glitter on, but you also don’t want drips of adhesive down the sides of your tree.
  1. Apply your glitter to the sections of the cone where you have brushed on adhesive. However you decide to design/pattern your tree, try to apply evenly. I decorated each tree a little differently, but overall, I applied glitter in layered sections, and topped with sequins. The sequin application will go more smoothly if you already have them in a bowl. Simply sprinkle your sequins on over the bowl. As a tip, I think that it the colors will blend much more seamlessly if you mix your glitter and sequins together (I didn’t do this on these trees, but I did apply adhesive, followed by sequins over the already-glittered tips of some trees).
  1. Shake your excess glitter off, and lay your trees out to dry. There you have it: a completely doable and inexpensive project to spruce up your Christmas decor!

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