About Me

💕 Thank you all so much for checking my blog out. This is my first time ever doing this, and I never thought that I would launch anything like this—or even have enough knowledge to share with others. I can remember a time, not all that long ago, when if anyone asked what my hobbies are, what I’m good at, or what I was I interested in, I would completely go blank. I had no idea who I was or what I was good at. It sounds strange, but I realized that I didn’t even know what I liked. I was truly lacking confidence in my identity, strength in my abilities, and had no idea what my purpose was.

I am a wife and also a mother to two amazing little kids—my 7-year-old son and 4-year old daughter. Motherhood is my most important and rewarding job. It’s crazy how much they have empowered and taught me. They constantly keep me on my toes, but it’s okay because if I’m honest, I don’t really know how to sit and relax anyway. Really, I know this is crazy, but I’m just not good at it.

Through my seemingly endless chores, responsibilities, and activities as a new homeowner, I soon learned that I had drive and ambition—something that I never knew about myself. Before I knew it, with a bit of hard work, things were finally beginning to fall into place, both in my life and mind. I discovered that I was constantly dreaming up creations and coming up with ideas for things around the house. I battled so long with insecurities surrounding my role as a housewife, but it seemed that a light bulb in my mind came on. I realized that everything I valued was already around me every day– these kids who I loved but had me craving breaks, these dinners that I was stressed about always being responsible for, the messes that I was constantly cleaning—I actually cherished. All of the little things around the house that I hated and wanted to change became my passion. The empty spaces in the home that I felt bad about and wanted to fill became inspiration for décor that I dreamed about. The yard that was full of overgrown shrubs and branches became the concept of a garden. All of the little projects we took on became my goal of one day owning my country home, surrounded by lots of land and fresh air. I loved coming up with creative little systems to organize our chaos. Mostly, I loved creating a home that my family wanted to be at. I loved every step of the way where I learned that I was strong, motivated, ambitious, and capable.

Now if you ask me who I am, I’ll proudly tell you that I am a homemaker. I am now the owner of an organizing business and a blog dedicated to all of the things that I do at home. If you ask me what I enjoy doing, I’ll tell you that I love decorating, cooking (yep, and as a real person I run out of energy to do that, too), organizing, and doing projects.
I hope that this can become more than just another cooking or decorating blog. As you get to know me, I really hope to encourage both your own creativity and belief in yourself. I hope that this becomes an inspiring and empowering site for you to visit. I hope that you keep coming back to see what projects you’ll be trying out next week. I hope that we can uplift one another.

I feel so blessed that I get the chance to do this. Thank you so much for taking the time to be here. Please be patient with me while I figure things out on here! Your feedback and ideas are always welcome! My fellow women, our daughters’ role models, our sons’ examples, our husbands’ heart and soul, and my sisters: have I mentioned that you, too, are amazing and strong? Let’s figure this stuff out together. We got this. 💕

Oh, and welcome to my nest! 😍