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Cajun Seasoned Shrimp and Grits

I am completely in love with these grits. I crave them so often that I have to force myself not to make them because I don't want to get tired of them. I have met so many people who are completely put off by them, but my guess would be that they ate grits that were not made properly. Often, a lot of northerners can be turned off by the texture of grits. It doesn't help that they typically have only tried them as the bland, microwavable packet, and/or lumpy and lackluster. You really don't want to skimp on quality. I would recommend a kicked up version (such as this recipe) if you've never tried them before--there is just so much flavor going on that it's difficult not to like them. Also, as I've stated before, I am a vegetarian, my husband is not. For us, this is another easy meal to prep both ways. As another side note, if you live in an area where grits are more difficult to come by, it's easier than ever to purchase them thanks to the internet. You can have them delivered to your door with the quick click of a button.


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Home and Projects

Christmas Tree Flocking Project

Christmas is over, but don't toss out that old tree just yet! It's probably too late to be taking on this project, but it may give you a little inspiration to hang onto that old tree or garland a little longer for next year. I so desperately wanted to buy a new Christmas tree this year. I had visualized a beautiful, tall, full, fluffy, snow-sparkled tree making a statement in my living room corner. Turns out, our budget didn't allow--and honestly, that's okay. As I get older, I realize more and more that all of these material things aren't always worth the money. The "perfect" tree, gifts, lights, etc. won't actually fill your home with Christmas spirit. You, with your love and goodwill create the magic. The laughter of children certainly helps!

Food and Recipes

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

I was really looking forward to Christmas this year, especially as a new homeschooling family--oh all of the fun activities we would do (don't forget, recipe reading and baking math counts as learning 🤗)! But, confession: sadly, most of my plans never happened. We finally just made our Christmas fudge on the eve of Christmas Eve, and our gingerbread cookie dough is currently in the refrigerator waiting to be rolled out and baked on Christmas Eve. So we're definitely a bit late this year, but I think every bit of 2020 has been off. Hey, at least we have our home, health, cookies for Santa...and saw the Star of Bethlehem 🥰! Regardless of how your December has turned out, here's a super quick and easy peanut butter fudge recipe for all of you fellow slackers (also, it's just a good recipe):

Food and Recipes

Southern Praline Recipe

Addicting. If I had to sum pralines up in one word to someone who doesn't know what this sweet, southern delicacy is, it would certainly be 'addicting.' I fell in love with this insanely rich, sugary and buttery candy in Savannah years ago. The brown sugar just melts in your mouth. I really struggle to stay away from them. So while everyone is busy making their Christmas fudge, I'm working on my traditional pralines (even though there's never a bad time to make or eat them). They also make for nice little gifts because usually, most of our family and friends don't make them .

Food and Recipes

Grandma Emma’s Stuffing Balls Recipe

This Thanksgiving family staple is a recipe that has been handed down to me through generations with very few tweaks. It actually came to me from my great grandma, who I am blessed to still have around for treasures like this. Although this recipe is a traditional Thanksgiving side dish, it will likely also fit right in with your Christmas dinner. They are a bit time consuming to make, but I assure you, they are not impossible--and quite worth the effort!

Home and Projects

Crafting Sparkling Christmas Trees

Do you need to have more projects on your to-do list right before Christmas? Probably not, but like me, you may be looking for ways to save some money while still decorating (plus, we can always use another reason to venture into our local craft store). Scrolling through ideas online, I came across many different diy project Christmas trees. I thought these would be the perfect project to take on, seeing as my daughter is a few days away from having her Frozen-themed birthday party. I figured that making silver, glittery trees would be an easy way to add some sparkle, while also easily transitioning into my home decor for Christmas and Winter. This also serves as a great Christmas art project for those of you homeschooling this year (we all know kids love glitter and sequins). Fair warning: they do make an absolute mess!