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Uncomplicated Mexican Street Corn Recipe

IπŸ‘loveπŸ‘thisπŸ‘stuffπŸ‘. No seriously, I really do. I'm pretty sure it's making my family crazy because I manage to add it as a side in every Mexican dish that I make lately...and we do Mexican night a lot. It tastes sooooo good and tangy, and creamy, and sweet (you can even add some heat to it if you prefer)--and it's just so pretty, too 😍. I love when you see it authentically grilled and served with the husks pulled down. Now, mine is not made or served that way because ain't nobody got time for a grill or house fire (that I feel I would somehow manage by leaving the husks on while cooking). If you do have time to grill--go for it! My version is super simple because you can just pop it right in the oven while you are busy preparing your main dish, and you don't have to be super precise with the amount of time that you are leaving it in there either, so it's less stressful.