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Installing Laminate Flooring…Even With No Experience

I knew from the first time that I laid eyes on the interior of my current home that all of the carpet and vinyl flooring would have to go. The trouble is, we had no prior experience and no big budget. All I could do was watch YouTube videos and dream of renovations until I was able to work up the courage and budget plan to go for it. More than two years later, most of the flooring in our home is complete. We still plan to replace the linoleum floors in our bathrooms. Now, I won't lie-- it was rough and tedious. The kitchen alone certainly took longer than the proposed 'day project' that a specific video that we had watched suggested. In the defense of the video, it doesn't help that we had absolutely no know-how. I kid you not (and this is embarrassing), but we actually spent more than an hour trying to figure out how to connect the laminate planks. We kept watching the videos, watching them some more, and re-watching them again until we had our "duh" moment (I'm fairly confident that you won't experience this same issue/brain lapse). Regardless, allow me to reassure you: we (two novices) pulled this whole renovation (nearly an entire house worth of flooring) off alone--I know that you can, too! One of the biggest questions that I am asked pertaining to home projects is: "how did you install your floors?" So before you think about hiring a professional, let me share what I know:

Home and Projects

Make Your Own Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are great for different practices or relaxation. Thought to bring about cleansing energies and harmony, they can be used around the home or for meditation and other rituals. I particularly love smudge sticks and incense for the repetition of scent. As someone who has always suffered from anxiety, practicing yoga and meditation is… Continue reading Make Your Own Smudge Sticks

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Mama’s Home Syrup Recipe

Once I realized how easy it was to make syrup, I never bought it from a store again. Really, it is so easy to just whip up while you are waiting for your pancakes to cook, and you are left with many more servings of it afterwards. So be sure to have a syrup bottle, to store extra syrup. It's a simple 2:1 ratio of sugar and water, so make as much or as little as you'd like. I have a feeling that you will be wanting to replace your usual syrup with this one from here on out.

Home and Projects

Yarn Woven Wall Tapestry

I am a major fan of decorating my home. The only issue with that? The cost can really add up quickly 😭! I don't want to be rich, but I wish I had endless decorating money, ya know? Sometimes when I have the time and extra energy to spare, I like trying my hand at little projects. Often, they are just projects that are inspired by something similar I see somewhere else. Pinterest is a community overflowing with ideas to try out.