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Ten Favorite House Plants

Bringing real plants inside the home brings an entirely different aura that fake plants just cannot touch. It’s not even close—a fake plant simply can’t compete. They can literally be like a breath of fresh air. I’m a big believer that the most beautiful things in existence can be found within nature. Plants add an element of simplistic beauty to the home. Along with bringing natural aesthetics inside, they also add a ton of personality to their surrounding environment. Besides having an array of plant choices to pick from, you’ll also find a vast selection of different ways to display them: go for a bohemian macramé plant hanger, the basic terracotta pot (which I’m currently loving), jars and glass dishes, ornate or colorful planters, or place inside of baskets. Create varying levels of height with your selections or let it stand alone. Whatever you go with, let your unique style and sense of decor show. The only rule is: you have to show it some love to keep it happy and alive.