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Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

I was really looking forward to Christmas this year, especially as a new homeschooling family--oh all of the fun activities we would do (don't forget, recipe reading and baking math counts as learning 🤗)! But, confession: sadly, most of my plans never happened. We finally just made our Christmas fudge on the eve of Christmas Eve, and our gingerbread cookie dough is currently in the refrigerator waiting to be rolled out and baked on Christmas Eve. So we're definitely a bit late this year, but I think every bit of 2020 has been off. Hey, at least we have our home, health, cookies for Santa...and saw the Star of Bethlehem 🥰! Regardless of how your December has turned out, here's a super quick and easy peanut butter fudge recipe for all of you fellow slackers (also, it's just a good recipe):