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Christmas Tree Flocking Project

Christmas is over, but don't toss out that old tree just yet! It's probably too late to be taking on this project, but it may give you a little inspiration to hang onto that old tree or garland a little longer for next year. I so desperately wanted to buy a new Christmas tree this year. I had visualized a beautiful, tall, full, fluffy, snow-sparkled tree making a statement in my living room corner. Turns out, our budget didn't allow--and honestly, that's okay. As I get older, I realize more and more that all of these material things aren't always worth the money. The "perfect" tree, gifts, lights, etc. won't actually fill your home with Christmas spirit. You, with your love and goodwill create the magic. The laughter of children certainly helps!

Home and Projects

Crafting Sparkling Christmas Trees

Do you need to have more projects on your to-do list right before Christmas? Probably not, but like me, you may be looking for ways to save some money while still decorating (plus, we can always use another reason to venture into our local craft store). Scrolling through ideas online, I came across many different diy project Christmas trees. I thought these would be the perfect project to take on, seeing as my daughter is a few days away from having her Frozen-themed birthday party. I figured that making silver, glittery trees would be an easy way to add some sparkle, while also easily transitioning into my home decor for Christmas and Winter. This also serves as a great Christmas art project for those of you homeschooling this year (we all know kids love glitter and sequins). Fair warning: they do make an absolute mess!

Food and Recipes

The Ultimate Loaded Potato Soup Recipe

It's official--today marks the beginning of Fall! I know most of us are ready to pull out those comfy sweaters and watch the leaves change and drop. But, before we start going pumpkin crazy, let's kick the season off with a bowl of soup. If I had to rank my favorite soups, I think that I'd have to say that potato soup takes the lead. It's just so savory and incredibly satisfying.